Luca Vildoza, Baskonia base, went through ‘We Like Basket’ to analyze the news of the team and their personal moment. In an extensive talk, the Argentine game director reviewed his career in the Vitoria team.

Balance of the year: “Very positive, Personally, I grew up a lot, I felt like an important piece of the team and that’s what I was looking for. As a team I think we have met expectations with a very young team “.

Evolution in Vitoria: “When I arrived the only expectation I had was to play, I needed to show myself to see if I could be at this level and I’m giving a little more than I bargained for. I think my ceiling still don’t know. I enjoy my present knowing that I have a good future too. “

Knowing that there are great clubs interested in me fills me with pride, but Baskonia is one of the best teams in Europe

Luca Vildoza, Baskonia player

Dusko Ivanovic: “I couldn’t have it all last season, but this year having it from day one I think He made a difference with respect to others, he expired me to the maximum and has given me confidence and responsibility and that for a player is the best. It made me grow a lot. “

ACB Final in Valencia: “I keep remembering it and I get a smile. I think that tournament changed the way people look at me, I played it very well and I really enjoyed it thanks to the team. That final changed me a lot. “

Repeat league title ?: “It is really complicated because we have Barcelona at its best, a Real Madrid that always fights and a Valencia that is up for great things. Our goal is to always give our best and grow. Never give up on us because in Valencia we weren’t favorites and we ended up winning. “

Arrival of Sergio Hernández to the ACB: “Sergio has a way in which the player makes him feel calm and happy and I think he could make a mark. He is very happy in Zaragoza, but surely everyone wants to take another step. It makes me very happy to see him in Spain for him. honey we have him “.

Campazzo NBA: “I follow the numbers and it makes me very happy that he is in the best league in the world and that little by little he is being noticed. I’m very happy for him because I love him, I suffered it in the national teams and in Madrid and I really enjoy watching him. “

The ACB final changed the way people look at me. My roof I still don’t know what it is

Vildoza, Argentine base of TD Systems Baskonia

An NBA dream ?: “It is the best league in the world and you always want to get there, but the best are there and you have to work hard to get there “.

Future rumors:Knowing that there are great clubs interested fills one with pride, but I really am in Vitoria in one of the best teams in Europe, enjoying and being one of the best of the team. The board gave me support that is not given to any player and I enjoy having a contract with this club. “

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