ANDhe Real Madrid responded to Gabriel Deck’s departure to the Thunder with the signing of Vincent Poirier, 2.13 meters and 27 years old. The French pivot, who can only play in the Endesa League and who has signed until 2024, has granted an interview to the website of the French team in which he reviews his arrival at the white club and his departure from the NBA.

“Leaving the NBA was not a difficult decision. I had told my agent that for the Olympics I wanted to play and that if I had to go back to Europe, I would go back to Europe. It really was not a difficult choice,” says a Poirier who finished his adventure in the United States in a more abrupt way than expected.

“Madrid was the first club to call when the Knicks cut me off. The NBA is a business, but it’s none of my business. I mentioned it in the media but it has been amplified. I don’t blame Doc Rivers. I just like the side. human, when things are done honestly and frankly. I think the mentality here is different, less entrepreneurial. There is an affection that you don’t find there. “

The former Baskonia player was clear that his destiny was set in white when he received the first call from the Madrid club: “I gave preference to Spain because I think it is the best championship in Europe and I was tired of losing against them. [El Real Madrid]. It is a club that has won many titles, a great European team. Fabien Causeur called me and we talked. It’s good to feel that a team needs you and loves you. “

Finally, the Frenchman also spoke about the internal rotation of Laso’s team and his possible competition with Tavares: “I don’t think Real signed me thinking that I was going to compete with Tavares, Tyus and the others. They hired me to contribute something to the team. I can play with Tavares because I have developed outside shooting. I can play with Tyus for the same reason. We are complementary, not against each other. It is the mentality to have. “

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