The National Team landed in Madrid this Sunday from Paris with the satisfaction of the extraordinary victory over France (79-87) in their penultimate pre-Olympic preparation match. Before getting on the plane that brought the team home to the Women’s National Team, coach Sergio Scariolo, Ricky and Willy translated that satisfaction into words.

Scariolo: “There is still a long way to go, but we are on the right track”

“It was a good game, you have to be happy, although of course it is still a friendly match in preparation and with all the conditions. I think the best thing has been how we have managed to show coolness when we have had a bad moment, when we have lost an advantage that we had accumulated in a very good first half. We have seen ourselves behind on the scoreboard but we have recovered from defense, we have forced mistakes on them and we have known how to play the last quarter very well, with personality and defensive strength, with global participation ”.

“I think we are on the right track. There is still a long way to go but the steps that have been taken so far have been taken in the right direction. Now it’s time to rest a bit, because it has been a ‘tour de force’ with four games in nine days, and then start working again ”.

Ricky: “The secret formula of the National Team is to be a team”

“France is a very tough opponent and playing at home is always difficult, it’s a rivalry that has lasted for many years. We are happy for the victory but in the end in these games the question is not to win or lose, although we have that DNA, but to get good feelings, and I think we have gotten them today ”.

“In the final stage I was comfortable, a couple entered and I continued. I’m in a good moment of form and the truth is that Sergio’s system is going very well for me, two years ago it was very good for me “

“The secret formula of the National Team is to be a team. It is true that the talent of the 80s generation is gone, but there are players with a lot of talent and the winning and team DNA continues to be so ”.

Willy: “We are growing by leaps and bounds”

“It is never a friendly match against France. We came from playing a good game at home and we wanted to keep growing and improving. Our goal is to get to the Games as well as possible and this match has been a good test against a good opponent. I think we are growing by leaps and bounds ”.

“We have played two Hernangómez with a shirt and we want to tell Juancho that we all miss him. I am missing my half, but the important thing is that it recovers. I am going to play in the name of both of them, my shirt will weigh a lot but I will be able to with it ”.