Jaime Fernández: “Wearing this shirt is a great pride”

“You can feel a lot of positivism, a lot of union, a lot of work also in a few days, and a lot of enthusiasm to defend this shirt, to reunite the group of Windows that we have and with great desire and ambition to achieve the goal.”

“A new challenge begins. Luckily the group is already getting to know each other and it is nice to get together again, the experience we have had has always been very good and we must learn from that experience although what is coming you never know. So you have to put in a good job in these days of preparation and from there trust the group ”.

“You have to go step by step and prepare for Friday’s game, which is sure to be complicated, very difficult, more away from home. It is important to add each game, but you have to focus on the day to day ”.

“Nobody gives us motivation, we put it on ourselves when we put on this shirt. Wearing this shirt is a great pride and you come very motivated. You have to do things well, focused on work, attentive to everything because there is very little time ”.

Oriol Paulí: “We have a very good work philosophy”

“We are playing to qualify for a World Cup, in the previous one many favorite teams were left out. We have to be prepared, away from home we have to give everything, it will be a very difficult game, but we are working well to give the best version of ourselves ”.

“As always, people adapt very quickly, we have a very good work philosophy and in a short time we learn many concepts that allow us to compete, and individually as always it is a pleasure to come here, I am very happy and enjoying the experience” .

“It seems that North Macedonia is a lesser-known team, of which we do not know so many players, but we know how difficult it is to play these games, they all want to be in the World Cup and we, as current champions, have to measure up. and we know the responsibility that it entails ”.

“All of us who are here would like to be able to be in the national team tomorrow in a championship. Yes, there is a generational change and there are options, but we have to focus on what we have to do, which is to be here. It is a pleasure to be able to play with the National Team, we have that responsibility, and we are focused on that, on making good Windows because we know that this has a very big prize ”.

Via Feb.es