Barça Basket Y Real Madrid basketball face this Tuesday (10pm) in the Palau in the second game of the final of Endesa League playoff 2020-21.

Those of Jasikevicius They won at the Wizink Center on Sunday and, if they repeated their victory, they would be proclaimed League winners this season. Pablo’s Laso They travel to Barcelona with the intention of forcing the third game and returning the series to Madrid.

Below we analyze the odds of the main bookmakers to determine which team starts as the favorite before the match that can decide the championship.

Who is favorite? Barça Basket or Real Madrid?

The Barça Basket de Jasikevicius starts as a great favorite to win the match at the Palau and, therefore, win the Endesa League 2020-21. The average win rate for the Barça team is 1.35 per euro wagered in the main bookmakers.

In the case of Real Madrid, the quota is higher. That those of Pablo Laso win the game in Barcelona and force the third for the capital is offered at an average quota of 3.20 per euro wagered.

In their last 10 meetings, the balance is 6-4 in favor of Barça. In Liga Endese, Real Madrid won the Palau this season 85-87.

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