Nigel Williams-Goss will not only be low for the final of the Euroleague that he Real Madrid dispute this Saturday against Anadolu Efes. The American already will not play more in the remainder of the seasonthat is, the final as had already been confirmed and the Playoffs for the title of Endesa League.

Although the definitive diagnosis of the point guard’s injury is not official, it seems that it is much more serious than was believed at one time and, as reported by Carlos Sánchez Blas, he will not play again for the remainder of the season.

obviously for Paul Lasso, the loss of Williams-Goss in the final is a setback, as he himself defined it. But even if it is the most important of the year, it is a game. And it becomes a serious broken for the games to come. With the low also until the coming season of Carlos Alocen and with John Nunez counting very little, Madrid is left for the final stretch without pure bases.

Sergio Lull he will play a lot of minutes in that position, but he is more comfortable as a shooting guard, just like Alberto Abalde, who will also have to play as a point guard. In addition, there is the circumstance that Williams-Gosswho has had a hard time getting into the team’s circle of trust, was going through his best moment of the season.

In the next few days the injury and the approximate time of loss will be known, although the worst forecasts are feared.