ANDl Lenovo Tenerife He won with great authority this Saturday a lazy Casademont Zaragoza that allowed him to play at will (90-65) and, after successfully overcoming a game that he sentenced in the first half, he begins to climb positions within the ACB League.

Clear dominance from the start of the Tenerife team, which was also very successful from the outside, which allowed him to take differences from the first minute and to dominate with solvency the first ten minutes in which there was only one team on the track.


  • 90 – Lenovo Tenerife 90 (29 + 22 + 17 + 22). Fitipaldo (5), Salin (17), Doornekamp (3), Gamble (10), Wiltjer (19) -initial-, Guerra (12), Sergio Rodríguez (3), Sastre (9), Huertas (10), Suleijmanovic (2), Smith (-) and Borg (-)
  • 65 – Casademont Zaragoza 65 (11 + 18 + 21 + 15). San Miguel (5), Waczynski (14), Hilnason (2), Okoye (4), Radoncic (5) -initial-, García (5), Mobley (3), McLean (17), Vanwijn (4), Font (6), Sipahi (-) and Vila (-).
  • Referees: Conde, Calatrava and Padrós. Rodrigo San Miguel was eliminated for fouls (min37).
  • Incidents: Santiago Martín Sports Pavilion, in front of some two thousand five hundred people.

The hands tried to react at the beginning of the second quarter, but they could do little. Also after the break and at the beginning of the last quarter, but in addition to not having their day, with many errors in shooting and turnovers, today Lenovo Tenerife had no intention of giving any option to Casademont Zaragoza and it always remained with differences greater than 20 points.

Sasu Salin, who last Wednesday in Ukraine scored 33 points, this time he reached 17. But on this occasion, Wiltjer’s good performance also stood out, especially in the third quarter, as well as the rest of the players who were at a good level.

Lenovo Tenerife came out cautiously to the track, but seeing that it was successful from the outside and that Casademont Zaragoza did little, it grew and Salin, Fitipaldo and especially Wiltjer, they scored well from outside and the island team was taking differences (11-2, min.3).

It was a matter of waiting for the moment to be able to make the best shot and although not every day is successful, at this beginning of the crash the Lenovo was and little by little the differences increased to 16-7 and then to 27-11(min.8).

Only the polish Adam Waczynski disturbed the local basket. His were the first seven points of his team, but he did not have more scoring support from the field.

Zaragoza tried to go up one more step in defense, pressing the outside men well and, although at first it seemed that Lenovo was going to have a rival who was going to put more problems for them, the truth is that it was not like that and not only kept the difference but Lenovo had 25 points in their favor (42-17) in the 15th minute of the game.

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Radoncic brought out his pride, just like McLean, but the break was reached with a 51-29 that clearly demonstrated the difference in this first half between the two teams.

After the break little changed. Two consecutive baskets by Wiltjer made it clear that the locals were not going to lower their arms and stood firm in their defense from the first minute.

It was in this quarter when Lenovo Tenerife reached its maximum difference on the scoreboard (62-34), in about ten minutes in which it did not stand out for the offensive success by the local team, but for keeping its adversary at bay .

With 68-48 the third quarter would conclude and in the last little story since Lenovo Tenerife had control of the scoreboard and the game in their hands and the cushion of points in their favor took away the emotion from the game.