“Past performance does not guarantee future performance”, says a maxim of those who know the convoluted world of the stock market. The same thing happens in basketball, although a previous profitability may invite investment. In this case, it would be in the bases of Real Madrid.

There should be few doubts about them, because apart from their quality and their resources they have a figure like Pablo Laso on the bench. Perhaps because of his past as a game director, the Madrid coach he has always known how to get the best out of the players to whom he handed the helm of the team and on some occasions it was not easy at all.

Upon reaching the white team, rehabilitated Sergio Rodríguez, touched after the gray ‘it was Messina’, in which it seemed to have lost its magic; convinced that Sergio Llull was a point guard and not an escort, made him the most decisive of Europe; you might think that with Luka Doncic it was easy, but he knew how to carefully lead a prodigy like one is born every 50 years; made Facundo Campazzo the best point guard on the continent without having to give up his risky game and despite the many doubts that he generated upon his arrival; and last season even made a good profit in a good handful of games of a Nico Laprovittola that did not convince him.

All these precedents invite you to think that you will know harness the personality and talent of Thomas Heurtel, that will fit Nigel Williams-Goss, from less to more in the preseason, and that will continue to grow a Carlos Alocen called to be important in the future of both Madrid and the national team. From the hand of Laso, the shares of all three are trading higher.

Via Marca.com