From Albert Oliver, the oldest with almost 40 years of age, to Carlos Alocén, the youngest with just over 18. With the debuts of Jaime Pradilla, Yankuba Sima and Dani Pérez, there are already 36 players that since 2017, of the Hand of Sergio Scariolo, they have reached absolute internationality, practically all in an official match in one of the qualifying windows for the World Cups and the Eurobasket. With exceptional cases such as those of Juancho Hernangómez (who entered the team in 2017 directly to debut in the Eurobasket) or Usman Garuba (who did it last summer for the Olympic Games). In 2017, Pierre Oriola and Joan Sastre also made their official debut at the Eurobasket, the first of them, one of whom weeks before participated in the initial concentration in Benahavís.

In the first of the qualifying tournaments, which took place between 2017 and 2019 for the World Cup, no less than 22 players made the jump. Logically, not all have had continuity, but three of those who starred in those first qualifying windows for the World Cup – Quino Colom, Javier Beirán and Xavi Rabaseda – were part of the National Team that won the gold medal in China 2019.

As a common denominator of practically all these 36 players is their previous passage through training teams, from U16 to U22, in many cases with the conquest of medals in various championships and under the orders of technicians who are or have been part of the staff of the absolute. Continuity in the #LaFamilia pyramid is therefore a determining factor in its growth and arrival on Scariolo’s lists.

Scariolo: “The first thing we want is to involve them”

For Sergio Scariolo, “from the first moment, even before the first Windows, the idea was to be able to evaluate a high number of players, with priority those who came out of our training teams, especially the U20, and those who had been previously in them and that due to the presence of people with a lot of talent and a high level in recent years in the National Team, they had not been able to be part of our preparations ”.

The absolute selector values ??that “the first thing we wanted was to involve them, for them to maintain the feeling of being part of the same Family and of the group of players who cannot always enter all the concentrations but who can enter and leave without imbalances, frustrations … It is a wide club in which players are entering that demonstrate in national competitions or leaving our U20 that they deserve this opportunity ”.

“We assess whether they can have the characteristics, above all, physical and mental, to be able to be international level players,” Scariolo remarks, “because the techniques, once they are here, they have them. The idea is to be able to reasonably expand the number of players so that when you enter for the first time, you can do so comfortably, without having to start from scratch. “

“There are always two requirements that must be met: that of competitiveness that imposes the need to win an even number of matches” to qualify for the World Cup or Eurobasket, and of course having an almost priority view of involving players that we believe can be part of the first team in the summers, so to speak “, adds the coach, who also points out that” we are quite clear who will be next. “

And his final reflection: “History shows it: the opportunities will be there, and you have to know how to take advantage of them when they arrive.”

THE 36 DEBUTANTS 2017-2021

2017 Eurobasket

Juancho Hernangómez
Pierre Oriola
Joan Tailor
Sebas Saiz

2017-2019 FC World Cup

Quino Colom
Jaime Fernandez
Javier Beirán
Nacho Llovet
Rodrigo San Miguel
Victor Arteaga
Javi vega
Alberto abalde
Oriol Paulí
Edgar vicedo
Darío Brizuela
Xavi Rabaseda
Alberto Diaz
Santi Yusta
Ilimane Diop
Albert oliver
Xabi López-Aróstegui
Jonathan Barreiro
Sergi garcia
Pere Tomàs
Albert Ventura
Carlos Alocen

2020-2021 FC Eurobasket 2022

Dani Diez
Ferran bassas
Ruben Guerrero
Tyson Perez
Francis Alonso

2021 Olympic Games

Usman garuba
Sergi Martínez (preparation)

2021 FC World Cup 2023

Yankuba Sima
Jaime Pradilla
Dani perez