Laboratorios Ynsadiet Leganés and BAXI Ferrol obtained the two places at LF Endesa that were distributed in the promotion phase last weekend. Now, both teams are facing a jump that, from what has been seen in past seasons, the clubs give without fear and with aspirations to settle in the highest category.

In fact, the Endesa Women’s League playoff table for this 20/21 academic year is made up of five teams that rose in the last three years (Valencia Basket, Durán Maquinaria, Ciudad de La Laguna Tenerife, SPAR Gran Canaria and Movistar Estudiantes). Beyond the fight for the title, other mid-table teams such as Campus Promete or Kutxabank Araski obtained their place in 2019 in the case of the Rioja team and in 2016 in the case of the Vitorian.

Other clubs like the recently descended Alter Enersun Al-Qázeres or the Snatt ‘s Femení Sant Adrià they lost the category, but they did not leave anyone indifferent in their time at LF Endesa. The Extremaduran team has remained at the top for four years in a row, while the Catalan team qualified for the Queen’s Cup and for the playoffs in their first season.

That is why we will have to pay special attention to the performances of the two teams that were promoted in the Europe pavilion in Leganés. BAXI Ferrol will complete his seventh year in the first division and knows what it is like to participate in both the Queen’s Cup and in the fight for the title.

Meanwhile, the Ynsadiet Leganés will live his first experience in the elite and generally, the season of the premiere tends to go smoothly as in his day happened to the City of La Laguna, Valencia Basket or Snatt ‘s Sant Adrià.

There are many individuals who, both staying in the same team and changing, have made the leap to first in recent years. The most striking cases are found in Sika Koné, Sparkle Taylor or Kai James (SPAR Gran Canaria) and in Tanaya atkisnon (Ciudad de La Laguna) who after starting in LF2 and getting promoted, have led personal statistics in LF Endesa and have been an important part of their teams when it comes to qualifying for the Cup or the play-offs. Something similar to what you have done Maimouna Diarra that after joining the ranks of LF2 teams, she is now the second best rebounder in LF Endesa thanks to Campus Promete.

As for the national players, Alba Prieto changed Leganés to have a leading role in Durán Maquinaria Ensino, Maria Spain promoted with SPAR Gran Canaria after six seasons in LF2 and remained in the yellow ranks with the same playing time. A similar case is that of Maria Barneda and Itsaso Count (Campus Promete), who after several years in second grade, made the leap and although they have less responsibility in scoring tasks, they stand at an average of 20 minutes per game.

There are many players who have built their careers from LF2. Maria Araujo (Spar Girona), Rachel Carrera (Valencia), Laura Quevedo (Kutxabank Araski), Nogaye Lo, Roso Buch, Paula Ginzo (Lointek Gernika), Laura Aliaga, Bea Sánchez (Durán M. Ensino), Umi Diallo (Avenue) or Laura Garcia (IDK Euskotren) went through the category in their early years as senior or even junior players.

Leslie knight (Movistar Students), Toch Sarr (IDK Euskotren) and Joy brown (Kutxabank Araski) are other examples of foreign players who forged their careers in Spain as a result of a first experience in the second national league.

However, there are also those who choose to take this leap in reverse. In fact, the MVP of the final phase of LF2, Maria jespersen (Ynsadiet Leganés), comes from Cadí La Seu, while the most valued player from BAXI Ferrol, Brooke rooms, arrived in Galician lands after passing through the Quesos el Pastor. They are added Ndeye syll (Leganés), Maja Stamenkovich, Marita davydova (Celtic), Starr Breedlove (Jairis), who were also in the Leganés phase and who have played in LF Endesa teams.

Other nationals like Juana Molina or Rebeca Cotano (Ibaizabal), Celia rodriguez (Celta Zorka), Ainhoa ??Lopez (Barça CBS), Marta Tudanca (UCAM Primafrío Jairis) or Irene Garí (Baxi Ferrol) joined the ranks of LF2 teams after passing through LF Endesa and have gone on to lead projects with great aspirations in the category.