ANDhe Joventut justified his third place in the League and tuted Real Madrid for 23 minutes (48-38), but the whites woke up in time, they brought out the virtues hidden until then and that accredit him as a leader, and with a partial of 3-18 They took control of the game and did not let go until the victory was tied (71-90). A victory more valuable than it seems since, after the defeat of Barça, it allows secure first place for the Cup. He will play on Thursday and if he wins will have a rest day before the semis. Doesn’t seem like a bad prize.


The Penya came out without complexes, and as soon as Tavares sat down with two fouls (11-19, min 7) took over the party printing much more intensity and even capturing the rebound (20-10 at halftime with seven offensive sacks). The society they form Tomic (18+9) and Ribas (10+3 passes) he invoiced everything he wanted before the permissiveness of the whites, much less physical (seeing is believing) and trusting his luck to the triples without success. that cost them conceding a run of 17-2 with a significant decline in its image and in the marker (40-29, min 18).


The Madrid got up before the break with the triples by Llull and Williams-Goss (42-38, min 20), but in the resumption the Joventut came out again launched (46-38, min 23). It was the moment in which the leader, finally, behaved as such and from defense he deployed his entire offensive arsenal to crush the Penya. The triples by Taylor and Abalde they opened the season, and then they got on the bandwagon Llull with eight points and Yabusele with 9 to command a partial of 3-18 and take control of the party (51-56, min 28).

Yabusele celebrated his renewal with the whites

The Penya did not throw in the towel, but ran into a huge Yabusele (16+5), who after tiptoeing in the first half wanted celebrate its renovation by the whites announced hours before. And he did it in a big way, taking over the vicinity of both areas to consolidate your team’s advantage. A triple of his and another of taylor They opened the final path to victory in the last quarter.


Y Heurtel, of which there had not been much news in the first part, he took his doll for a walk of silk to bury triple blow (5/8 and 20 points) the hopes of Joventut (71-90). The black-and-whites did not deserve so much punishment, but when Madrid really pushes, few teams in Europe can hold his pulse.

Data sheet:

71 – Joventut Badalona (20+22+16+13): Vives (7), Pau Ribas (10), Parra (4), Willis (4), Tomic (18) -initial team-, Busquets (2), Brandon Paul (2), Bassas (-), Feliz (7) , Brodziansky (12), Birgander (2) and Ventura (3).

90 – Real Madrid (24 + 14 + 27 + 25): Abalde (5), Hanga (6), Taylor (11), Yabusele (16) Tavares (8) -starting five- Heurtel (20), Llull (11), Rudy Fernández (-), Williams-Goss (6), Causeur (2), Randolph (-) and Poirier (5).