ANDthe player of Unibox he signs up and declares himself eligible for the election that will take place on June 23. In addition, the center will participate in the Draft Combine from May 16 to 22 in Chicago where he will show his level and his playing abilities to the different scouts who attend the appointment.

Despite the season of ups and downs. With lights and shadows in particular and in general, Yannick Nzosa decides to take the final leap and will attend the NBA Draft that will be held on June 23 at the Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. This is how the Congolese’s agents have made it known to the Malaga club.

It is true that your irregular year can condition the choice for one of the franchises. In fact, Nzosa At just 16 years old, he made the leap to professional basketball and he suspected in the NBA environment that he could even be in the Top 10 of the first round. Now, after a discreet year where his participation has even dropped, various specialized websites place him in the second round of it.

We must not forget that the pivot of the Unibox is in a sea of ??doubts. He landed at the Los Guindos club when he was just 15 years old and recently extended his relationship with the Malaga entity until 2024. The NBA’s siren songs are loud, but until he turns 22 he could not leave the United States.

This same Sunday ended the deadline for players born between 2001 and 2003 and Yannick Nzosa he said yes. What’s more, his agents have already communicated to the Unibox that the player will be present at the Chicago Draft Combine. The season for the people of Malaga will end on May 15 since, except for a radical turn of events, they will not be playing in the playoffs.

As a result of the level offered in this tournament that will be played from May 16 to 22, Nzosa could win more positions or stay in the current pool particular. Its price has dropped after the basketball regression offered by the Unibox and in your particular case. Of course, it will be on June 23 in New York where the spotlight will be on the Endesa League player who dazzled everyone in his first professional year.