He is a player with more than outstanding physical potential, standing out at work on the rebound and who in attack knows how to make good use of pick and roll work with good movements on the post and a good shot from long distance. Versatile, Mendy can play in both the four and five positions and will thus reinforce a position in which he will share work with Amadi Ikpeze.

After playing until 2016 in lower categories of French basketball clubs and studying in the United States, Mendy began to play in college basketball for the Robert Morris University team located in Pennsylvania, United States. There, in the 2018-19 season he played a total of 35 games, 33 of them as a starter, in the Robert Morris Colonials averaging an average of 5.7 points with 3.9 rebounds and 0.6 assists on average in the 17, 1 minute played per match.

The following year, in the 2019-20 season, he played 34 games, all of them as a starter assuming a more important role with 23.2 minutes on average per game in which he scored 8.6 points, captured 4.7 rebounds and distributed 0 , 7 assists per game. At the end of his NCAA career, Yannis Mendy returned to France to sign for Avignon-Le Pontet. In the French team, the new Palmer Alma Mediterránea Palma player played a total of 25 games scoring 6.5 points on average, capturing 4.6 rebounds and distributing 1.9 assists in the 21.8 minutes played on average per game.

Mendy now comes to Spanish basketball ready to seize the opportunity and prove his worth in a league as competitive as LEB Oro.