Yurena Díaz arrived at La Seu d’Urgell, from being stopped by a serious injury, in the summer of 2017. One of the most important national projections that came to Cadí La Seu to recover sensations as a player and, also, to find in our city ??a place to be happy. The best years in the history of Cadí La Seu would not have meaning without his presence and performances, which were key in many important moments in games that we could never have imagined playing. Play the Queen’s Cup, experience the EuroCup Women, finish third in the regular league and finger stroke a third play-off semifinal match for the league title. Also, represent AE Sedis Bàsquet and Cadí La Seu in an ACB Super Cup in Madrid, in a triple contest in front of 17,000 fans.

Within these four years, unfortunately she fell seriously injured, and at the worst moment. A key moment in her knee recovery in full confinement due to the pandemic meant nothing to her, and she has shown it this year by returning earlier and better than expected. The 101 games, 883 points and 137 three-pointers out of 365 thrown with our jersey will remain in the memory of many. His commitment and familiarity with the club is undeniable, the most Urgellencan from the Canary Islands leaves her home. We wish you the best in your sports career, which will gladly continue to give a lot to talk about, and personal. Thanks for so much Yurena, this will always be your home.

The player wanted to say goodbye to the club and its people with this letter:

“It has been 4 years of many emotions, of finding myself again, of falling and getting back up, but above all 4 years of growth and enthusiasm. I arrived at La Seu after a knee injury, and here they gave me the opportunity to be myself again. and to work with a team wanting to improve and conquer the world. The best prize came the second year, with a qualification for the Queen’s Cup for the first time in the history of Sedis, and last but not least the possibility of playing the playoffs and to obtain a place in Eurocup. The third year however, returned me to the nightmare of the operating room and brought a pandemic that forced the cancellation of the league. This last season has been difficult for everyone, and although I am very happy with having been part of this project again, I think it is time to close a chapter in which it will never cease to be my home.

That is why I want to thank all the members of the club for taking care of me and for the trust placed in me during these 4 seasons, to my colleagues who have made each year unique, and of course to the city and its people, for having made me feel at home from minute one, I take a piece of all of you.

Long live La Seu and long live Sedis! “