Taking stock of the first month of competition, he said “We have had several ups and downs, we started a bit against the clock. Mariam was missing, it was a pretty tough start to the season and it seems that in the home game against Estudiantes we started to find each other a bit and I think this weekend we have continued working on it. It is difficult because we are a new team and in the end we are playing against squads in which most of the players have played together, but the season is long and we are doing a good job ”.

Regarding the match against Zaragoza last Saturday, he commented “It is true that we started very well, very active in defense and they also let us play a little more freely, although they pushed more in the second half and it cost us more physically. They have a very complete squad and at the end of the game they knew how to better control the end of the game. We already knew that it was going to be a difficult game if we couldn’t keep the advantage and it was a match that we could have served perfectly ”.

Although it is true that the victory in Zaragoza was resisted, the team shows a better version every time, “It is a continuous improvement. At first we did make more mistakes, but we are solving them. We have small details that, even if they are tiny things, can help us win games. We are also trying to improve defensive situations and control of the game when things get out of hand. I hope that the progression of the team is very great and that in each game we will see more of a team ”.

On Saturday they will host Baxi Ferrol at Gasca. “Ferrol is a game that is always very difficult, because they play a very fast game with many cuts. I think it will be a fast game and we have to be vigilant in defense so that they cannot display that fast game that characterizes them. If we are able to control that, we will have many possibilities to have an advantage because if we do not we will suffer “

On a personal level, Yurena is very happy in Donostia, “I am delighted with the team. Azu gives you a lot of confidence, lets you play, give your opinion, talk so that we can all adapt on the court. He makes it very easy for us with that freedom to be able to meet on the track ”and with a laugh he added“ and for now the weather is respecting me a lot, I don’t know if it is because the city knows that a Canarian has come this year ”.