ANDCasademont Zaragoza put an end to its losing streak and achieved a crucial victory this Wednesday in its fight for permanence against Monbus Obradoiro, which allows it to come out of relegation and puts the Galician team in serious trouble, which it also won the difference of particular points (80-73).

The Aragonese team could not fail because a defeat would have meant that their chances of going down in category multiplied exponentially and with the victory they broke a streak of seven games losing consecutively after having experienced a clear improvement against the Galicians in a fought match, with ups and downs on the scoreboard for one and the other, tense and nervous but above all, played with a lot of heart.

In addition, the good news of the victory was accompanied by another equally important one, which was produced by 7 points, which is why, in addition, it wins the particular difference to Obradoiro since in the match of the first round the people from Santiago prevailed by five.

The Galician team took the lead on the scoreboard at the beginning thanks to the success of Thomas Scrubb and Kassius Robertson, who scored half of their team’s points (11) although always with the locals very close on the scoreboard but giving the feeling that they had a hard time managing their attacks.

However, an improvement in the local defense at the beginning of the second quarter allowed him to capture rebounds and run on the counter thanks to the speed at the start of debutant Frankie Ferrari, which led him to take the lead and score a maximum lead of 7 points ( 37-30).

When it seemed that the ‘rojillo’ team could break the game, Monbus Obradoiro knew how to react thanks to the success of the triple shots (50% at half-time) in the final stretch, which meant turning the electronic game around thanks to a 0-11 in three minutes to reach the break sending again by 39-44.

Dragan Sakota’s team managed to tighten the score on the return from the locker room thanks to a good defense that prevented the Santiago team from shooting comfortably from the 6.75 line (1 of 10) and that was reflected in the fact that they once again took the lead with a collective contribution which placed him 7 up again to enter the final set.

In the latter, the morning intensity once again collapsed the outside line of Moncho Fernández’s team (1 of 6 in triples) and, again with a collective effort, they managed to have up to ten points of rent with 2:19 to go. with which he knew how to play by lengthening his possessions to win without stress.

Data sheet:

80 – Casademont Zaragoza (20+19+26+15): San Miguel (3), Bone (4), Yusta (10), Radoncic (10), Deon Thompson (7) -starting five- Kilpatrick (14), Ferrari (10), Cook (6), Mekowulu (8), Waczynski (8) and Hlinason (-).

73 – Monbus Obradoiro (22+22+14+15): Robertson (19), Hobbs (11), Thomas Scrubb (13), Ellenson (5), Birutis (11) -starting five- Okouo (-), Beliauskas (3), Phil Scrubb (6), Alvaro Muñoz (-) and Alex Suarez (5).

Referees: Calatrava, Perea and Sanchez. There were no personal exclusions.

Incidents: match corresponding to matchday 19 of the League played at the Príncipe Felipe pavilion in Zaragoza before 4,067 spectators