ANDhe Baxi Manresa achieved victory number 14 in the Endesa League against Casademont Zaragoza to keep the dream of the playoffs alive. The game has had alternatives and different phases, but the locals have kept pace, practically, throughout the game.

A first quarter scoring for both teams. Manresa had a little more rhythm in the early stages, but took little care of the ball with 7 losses in the period (15-14 min 8). Zaragoza gained pace in the final stretch and finished with better feelings with a 0-9 run. The Manresa shot badly by three points (1/5) and conceded 9 points after a loss.

Baxi Manresa changed their face at the beginning of the second quarter and returned the part more than Zaragoza (13-2) to regain control of the game (23-21 min 15). To the whole hand the light went out completely in attack and it took six minutes to score his first basket. The culprit of the local improvement, apart from the defense, was the escort Makai Mason with 9 points in the period.

The third quarter started very similar to the second, with a Baxi Manresa leading the pace and Zaragoza keeping up thanks to individual talent. A quarter in which Manresa point guard Frankie Ferrari stood out (9 points in the period), who controlled the rhythm of the game and pushed his team to consolidate the advantage (60-47 min 18). Even so, the visitors did not give up and with a better finish they got back into the game.

The last quarter began with an exchange of baskets. Even so, the Maño team did not lose face to the game and continued to pressure a Baxi Manresa who showed cold blood to answer each visitor action (80-72 min 35). Both teams drew on the talent of their players in this room. The period was planned as a gunmen’s duel from which the team that led the rhythm for the longest in the match, Baxi Manresa, emerged the victor.

Data sheet:

92. BAXI MANRESA (15 + 21 + 28 + 28): Dani Garcia (3), Rafa Martínez (10), Vaulet (7), Hinrichs (8), Sima (10) -starting five- Ferrari (17), Mason (19), Jou (2), Báez (-), Sajus (-), Eatherton (16) and Marc Peñarroya (-).

82. CASADEMONT ZARAGOZA (21 + 9 + 28 + 24): San Miguel (6), Ennis (22), Benzing (14) Harris (10), Wiley (2) -starting five- Jaime Fernández (-), Sulaimon (9), Brussino (7), Hlinasson (2), Barreiro (10), Aleix Font (-) and Javier Justiz (-)

Referees: Carlos Peruga, Raúl Zamorano and Jacobo Rial. They eliminated the visiting player Brussino by five personals.

Incidents: match corresponding to matchday 31 of the Endesa League played in the Nou Congost pavilion behind closed doors. Baxi Manresa paid tribute with a minute of silence before the game, to the deceased Enric Piquet, president of the Catalan Basketball Federation between 1984 and 2010, and Miguel López Abril, former player of Bàsquet Manresa from 1979 to 1981.