They were 40 minutes of vertigo, with overwhelming partials and with two teams leaving their skin on the track to win the game. A meeting in which the magic of the Antonio Díaz Miguel Pavilion seemed to infect its protagonists to sign a meeting that would end up entering the history of the competition.

Because never before in the 22-year history of the LEB Plata League had two teams been able to score 240 points together, a figure with which they surpassed the competition record by no more and no less than 17 points.

In this way, both Zentro Basket Madrid and Bueno Arenas Albacete stormed a ranking in which they were going to move to second place the 223 points scored in the 2015/16 campaign by Xuven Cambados and Ciudad de Valencia or those signed in the 2005/06 by Ciudad de La Laguna and Pamesa Cerámica Castelló.

A game that could even have been remembered twice as David Varela’s team was only 8 points away from the best score of a team in the League, the 130 points scored by CB Prat against Zornotza in the 2013 campaign /14.

Without a doubt, a night that the additions of both teams will remember over the years…

LEB PLATA: The highest scores in history
The best joint annotations of the LEB Plata League
Season Local team Visiting team Outcome Total
2021/22 Zentro Basket Madrid Well Arenas Albacete 118 – 122 240
2015/16 Xuven Cambados City of Valladolid 118 – 105 223
2005/06 City of the Lagoon Ceramic Pamesa Castelló 107 – 116 223
2001/02 Waters of Valencia Gandia AZ Ferrol Group 113 – 106 219
2000/01 Basketball Alcala Algeciras city 106 – 111 217
2013/14 CB Prat Zornotza ST 130 – 86 216