Fiba Europe has announced the participating teams for Fiba European Club Competitions for the 2009/10 season before the draw next week July 8th.

Six teams from Spain will participate in the following:

Euroleague Regular Season

  • Real Madrid (Spain)
  • Regal FC Barcelona (Spain)
  • Tau Ceramica (Spain)
  • Unicaja (Spain)

Eurocup Qualifying Round

  • DKV Joventut (Spain)
  • CB Gran Canaria (Spain)

Explanation of the leagues

The Euroleague Regular Season will feature 24 teams.

22 teams will qualify directly to Euroleague with the remaining two teams earning their way into Europe’s top competition by way of an eight team, two round, qualifying campaign.

The Eurocup Regular Season will feature 32 teams.

The six teams who fail to qualify for the Euroleague will remain in Eurocup, joining 18 teams who qualify directly and eight teams who will qualify via the 16 team Eurocup Qualifying Round to be administered by FIBA Europe.
The eight teams from the Eurocup Qualifying Round who do not move on to the Eurocup will join the 24 teams already qualified for EuroChallenge.