Spain-France, France-Spain: a classic in the history of European basketball, spectacular duels in recent years, a rivalry of the highest level. The balance of the last 10 clashes of each National Team –male and female- is favorable to Spain, which has added a total of 14 victories for only 6 conceded defeats.

This Thursday in Malaga will be the 80th duel between the men’s teams, since the first match, a friendly in Toulouse in 1943. Since then, the boys have won 50 of the 79 matches played.

Spain has also been superior (8 victories) in the last 10 meetings, from the two friendlies in 2012 to the duel at the Rio Olympics. Of this most recent stretch, two games stand out: the semifinal of the Eurobasket 2015 in Lille -with the unforgettable great game of Pau Gasol- and the resounding 92-67 in the quarterfinals of Rio 2016, the last confrontation between both teams.

Of the last 10 Spain-France, the French only won the EuroBasket 2013 semi-final and the ill-fated 2014 World Cup quarter-final crossover in Madrid.

The girls have played a total of 65 matches, of which they have won 34. A story that began in the pre-European tournament in 1970. For the Women, on the other hand, the recent balance is less positive than for the Men: The last ten games played against the French have only won four. But the majority of defeats have been in friendly matches: three of the four officials ended with victory, all of them in EuroBasket, including the unforgettable final of 2013 in Orchies, that of the farewell of the legendary Amaya Valdemoro and Elisa Aguilar.


2012 friendly 81-65 Madrid
2012 friendly 75-70 Paris
2012 Olympic Games 66-59 London
2013 friendly 85-76 Madrid
2013 friendly 85-84 Montpellier
2013 Eurobasket 72-75 Ljubiana
2014 World Cup 88-64 Grenada
2014 World Cup 52-65 Madrid
2015 Eurobasket 80-75 Lille
2016 Olympic Games 92-67 Rio de Janeiro


2013 Eurobasket 70-69
2015 Eurobasket 58-63
2017 friendly 56-65
2017 Eurobasket 71-55
2018 friendly 65-54
2019 Eurobasket 86-66
2019 friendly 51-55
2019 friendly 58-65
2021 friendly 57-66