ANDl past June 20 Mouhammad fadal became one of the three anonymous heroes who did not hesitate to jump into the Bilbao estuary to rescue a 72-year-old man that he fell unconscious by the railing of the Merced bridge, which links the Old Town and the San Francisco neighborhood in the capital of Biscay.

Rescue in the Bilbao estuary: three immigrants dress up as heroes saving the life of an old man

An action that did not take long to go through social networks and that has been worth endless messages of gratitude and recognition to the three Senegalese immigrants who led the rescue. Especially to Mouhammad Fadal Diouf, whom he Bilbao Basket he wanted to acknowledge his heroic gesture.

You are a great example of values. You are what we want to be “

Bilbao Basket message

The Biscayan club has launched a message through its social networks in which it revealed that Fadal is a player in one of the club’s projects. The 23-year-old African is part of the staff of Bihotz kantxa, an initiative that aims to use basketball as a vehicle in the fight for equal opportunities.

Bilbao Basket accompanied the photo of Fadal with the club’s shirt with the following message: “He did not hesitate to jump into the estuary to save the life of a man who fell unconscious. You are a great example of values. You are what we want to be. Eskerrik asko, Moha! “.

It is not the first time that Falad jumps into the estuary to rescue someone. He already did it in 2019, as the newspaper recalls Deia, in whose pages the Senegalese acknowledges having made a test to play for Bilbao Basket “but without papers I can’t compete”, laments the new hero of Bilbao as he continues to wait to regularize his situation.