Vincent Poirier, pivot of the Real Madrid, recorded the emotional hand request to his girlfriend in an idyllic setting, a cliff overlooking the beach from which he declared his love for her. Accompanied by your baby and a group of relatives, the french organized a picnic for all of them, and in a moment of the meeting surprised his girlfriend by pulling out the engagement ring and asking her to marry him. She, between puzzled and surprised at first, accepted as it could not be otherwise. “She said yes”, the video titled Poirier that he posted in full on his social networks.

A few more days of vacation

In the coming days the French international will join the Real Madrid discipline, where he played half a season last season. The whites preseason starts this monday with the mandatory medical examinations, but the players who participated in the Tokyo Games, as was the case with France, will have a few more days of vacation. He is sure to enjoy them to the fullest after this successful proposal.