Aaron Menzies (United Kingdom, 1996) joins the HLA Alicante staff to reinforce the painting of the Lucentino group. The 221cm tall British pivot arrives in Alicante from Club Baloncesto Ourense, a team with which he played 26 games last season.


Aaron Menzies is a player with a clear projection who last season showed his capacity for work and evolution in Ourense. The pivot stands out for his intimidation near the rim, ability to work and play the direct block.

With the arrival of the British pivot, HLA Alicante has Llompart, Noguerol, Arcos, Simmons, Pilepic, Matulionis, Joan Tomás, Jakstas, Cabral, Van Zegeren and Menzies himself on its squad.

Gonzalo García de Vitoria, on the new HLA Alicante player:

“It is a 5 that I know very well. Very big, with excellent attacking hands, very good at direct blocking. Excellent worker that leads him to constantly improve. The evolution it had last year has been key to bringing it to Alicante. We believe that Aaron can continue to improve here and that would mean that we would be talking about a dominant player in this league. “


2015-18; (NCAA) Seattle Redhawks
2019-20; (NCAA) Saint Mary’s Gaels
2020-21; (LEB Oro) Club Ourense Basketball

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