Under the slogan “#MareaUrdinarenBila, in search of the blue tide”, Acunsa Gipuzkoa Basket has presented the season ticket campaign for the 2021-2022 season. Vice President Josean Ibiriku, Marketing Director David León and Telmo Gaytan de Ayala, responsible for creating the campaign in DIMENSIÓN, took part in this presentation. The main objective of the club is to consolidate and grow in social mass, relying on an attractive economic proposal and with exciting changes and a project for the future.

Can you imagine a basketball game without the ball? A game without fans? We cannot conceive of an Acunsa Gipuzkoa match without their fans and that is why we launched the #MareaUrdinarenBila challenge.

Within this year’s subscriber campaign that will be disseminated by mail, social networks and the media, we have wanted to launch a challenge to the fans. We have dressed a bus of the dbus line with the image of Acunsa Gipuzkoa Basket. And the challenge will be for each person who sees the bus to take a photo of it and share it on social media with the hashtag #MareaUrdinarenBila or send it to The shared image will not be in vain, among those who participate, 12 double dinners will be raffled in the restaurants that are on said bus.

The campaign has several aspects to highlight. First of all Illunbe. As the club announced this season we will play at Illunbe. But not in the Illunbe we all remember. The track has been rotated 90º and consequently, in view of the renewal of fertilizers, the subscribers have been changed locations following the same rotation of the track (eg the subscriber who was in the background will continue to be in the background). Before the fund was at gate 5 and now it would be 2-3.

This renewal will also have cheaper prices compared to last season in LEB Oro. And all renewals will have a 5% discount.

Another aspect to highlight has been the subscription of the federated. The bet is still maintained because all those who already enjoy playing on their team can also enjoy cheering on Illunbe. All the mentioned prices only include the Regular League.

Entrance will be guaranteed to all members following current health protocols, so there will be one seat occupied and one free until full capacity is reached. All the protocols set by the health authorities will be followed and everyone will be able to sit in the area where they have paid. (TRIBUNE, BACK OR CORNER)

The cards from the previous seasons are not worth so EVERYONE will have to stop by the office to pick up their new cards. Those who were in Gasca but not in Illunbe, have no assigned location and must go on to select the new location. Automatic renewal will be based on 19/20 season subscribers.

The day and time of the games will be Sundays at 6:00 p.m., to give the possibility of becoming the perfect plan for families, young people and basketball lovers.

The campaign officially starts today and the deadlines are as follows:

September 14 – September 20: Members leave and changes of location
September 20: Renewal and registrations

In the attached photo, in white appear the old locations located in which they will occupy this season. If you had the season ticket in tier 1 on the left, this year’s will be on tier 8 on the right.