Historic agreement between two of the oldest and most traditional sports clubs in the city of Madrid. Movistar Estudiantes – founded in 1948 – and Real Canoe NC – founded in 1931-, have reached a relationship agreement, in the area of ??senior men’s basketball.

This connection is in both directions: on the one hand, it includes the possibility that Movistar Estudiantes will transfer players, to complete their training, to the first men’s team of Real Canoe, which this season 2021-22 will play the LEB Plata.

And on the other hand, Real Canoe NC will be able to assign players to the Movistar Estudiantes men’s affiliate, which will play the EBA League again.

«A benefit for both parties» As Íñigo de la Villa, Technical Secretary of the Movistar Estudiantes first men’s team, explains, “for Estudiantes and their quarry it means adding another step in our training stages and covering a need that had been raised in recent seasons latent fact. It also means that our players can continue to develop under common criteria, being able to stay close to our first team without having to be displaced in other places, this being very beneficial for their sports, personal and academic development ”.
For Gorka González de Mendoza, head of the Men’s Basketball section at Real Canoe NC, “this relationship represents a benefit for both parties. The approach is similar, because it provides one more training step for players leaving junior, who can continue practicing basketball at the highest level in their environment without causing an inconvenience to their studies, in order to return home or look for other challenges »