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Basketball Terms Spanish To English


Basketball Terms Spanish to English

Basketball – Baloncesto

Pass – Paso

Shot – Tiro

Foul – Falta

Free Throws – Tiros Libres

Zone – Zona

Dribble – Bota

Rebound – Rebote

Turnovers – Balones Perdido

Dunk – Mate

Wing Guard/Guard – Alero

Point Guard  – Base

Center – Pivot

More coming soon!

4 Responses to Basketball Terms Spanish To English

  1. Mark says:

    Coach: entrenador / entrenar
    Fundamentals: fundamentos
    Dribble: driblar / finta
    Pass: pase/ pasar
    Stopping and pivoting: parar y pivotar
    Shooting: tirar
    Rebounding: rebotear
    Boxing out: ganar la posicion en la zona
    Time out: tiempo muerto
    Chest pass: pase de pecho
    Stay low:
    Head up: cabeza alta
    Protect the ball: proteger la bola
    Bounce pass: tirar el pase
    Overhead pass: pase por encima de la cabeza
    Baseball pass: pase largo
    Layup: tiro
    Shooting drill:
    Free throw shooting: tiro libre
    Low post: poste bajo
    High post: poste alto
    Swingmen: hombres bajos, desde bases hasta aleros
    Back-cut to layup:cortar la zona para tirar
    Screen to handoff: bloqueo y pase a la mano
    Give and go: dar y seguir
    Pass and screen awayase y bloqueo indirecto
    Pick and rollick and roll (in spanish too)
    Sprint back: correr a defender
    Know who you are guarding: point to your man and call our their number: saber a quien diriges, apuntar a tu hombre y decir su numero
    Play your man in relation to the ball:
    See the ball: ver la bola
    Help stop the ball: ayudar a parar la bola
    During a fast break, sprint the floor: en un contraataque, esprintar.
    If a teammate is open, pass to him: si un compañero esta abierto, pasadle
    If yoiu can beat your defender, drive to the rim: si puedes con tu rival, entra a canasta
    Free your teammates by setting a screen: libera a tus compañeros hciendo un bloqueo
    Beating the full court press: para superar la defensa de presion en todo el campo
    Defending against a fast break: defender un contrataque
    Defending a taller player: defender a un jugador mas alto
    Defensive stance: posicion defensiva
    Ball-side defence, denying the pass: no permitir el pase
    Ball-side defence, help and recover:
    Communicating the defense: comunicar la defensa
    Team meeting: reunion de equipo
    Warm-up: calentamiento
    Fundamentals: fundamentos
    Scrimmage: escaramuza
    Inbounding the ball: mover la pelota al interior
    Drive to the rim:dirigirse a la canasta
    Cut to the rim: cortar hacia canasta
    Alley oop pass:ally hoop
    Full-court press: defensa en toda la cancha
    Double team: defensa de dos contra uno
    Crossover dribble: dribbling de cambio de mano
    Screen: bloqueo
    Zone defense: defensa en zona
    Man to man defense: defensa hombre a hombre

  2. Tracy says:

    I have a problem with “driblar” – talk about Spanglish. Also, that size ball is a “balon” (accent mark on the “o”). A “pelota” is small (baseball, golf, tennis, for example). I’ve only heard “bola” used in reference to a “crystal ball”. It would also help with verbs to put them in the infinitive form so that they can be manipulated as needed with regard to person and tense.

  3. admin says:


    I know Spanish Basketball terms from (Spain) . not sure if some of the above driblar is straight translation or based in Latin-Spanish.

    Driblar = botar normally usage in Spain as with

    Pelota = balón – i was told in the past pelota was used but not anymore

    Bola = its not commonly used either

  4. DCuevas says:

    Too true! Latin American terms are often anglecisms based on the English word – the further from the USA the more unique they become. Spain being in Europe has a vocab all it’s own – if you want Castillian, then say Castillian – if not usually you will get Latin American versions. The Olympic committee has a standardized list for any sport played at that level. they are closer to the Castillian.

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