ANDl Gran Canaria falls apart in the Endesa League after conceding a new defeat (the fourth in the last five games), this time against a rocky Baxi Manresa (80-82) who knocked down the yellows thanks to their superiority in the interior game and despite the success of Dylan Ennis (31 points).

With 46 rebounds in favor and with the impulse of players like Bako, Sima and Moneke, the Catalan team prevailed in the final exchange of blows with the island team.

The Catalans took the initiative with the superiority in the paint that Sima and Bako gave them, before a Claretian team lacerated by the injuries of the Ukrainian Artem Pustovyi and the French Andrew Albicy.

With Diop and Shurna, the yellow team tried to compensate, along with the success on the outside of the youth squad Javi López (6 points), but the team led by Pedro Martínez would end up scoring the first quarter with a tight 19-24.

In the second round, the Manresa continued to carry the handle on the electronic, blessed by the outside shot of Moneke and Maye mainly. However, Gran Canaria managed to minimize the disadvantage by reducing the wrist of Ennis and Slaughter, while the pair Diop -Khalifa and Ilimane- dosed forces.

There began a soothing partial of 9-0 for the islanders (35-31), which nevertheless evaporated in the last minutes, returning Martinez’s team to rush their pivots to take advantage of the scoreboard again (37- 39).

The equation remained intact in the third period, although the errors in both rings multiplied. The ‘Granca’ put more intensity in the rear but did not get to carbure everything in attack, a situation that was taking advantage of Thomasson and Sima (39-47). But a new yellow blast, prompted by a 10-2 rally, once again balanced the balance (49-49).

However, Manresa returned to revive with Bako as a benchmark in the paint, combining with a technical foul on Stevic that once again gave oxygen to the visitors (54-58).

After an unsportsmanlike performance by Ilimane Diop, the Catalans extended the streak (54-62) with seven minutes remaining, forcing a new time-out from Porfi Fisac. The result of the tactical save was translated into a defense all over the field and an extra contribution from guard Dylan Ennis, who distilled points and an extra madness in the closing bars, but it was not enough.

Bako and Thomasson compensated with their versatility from the other trench (75-77), until a controversial lack of Kramer in the absence of 27 seconds, much protested by the squad and the local fans, ended up unbalancing the balance in the final exchange of blows (80-82), placing Thomasson on the visitors’ pendulum in a more than balsamic victory.

Data sheet:

80 – CB Gran Canaria (19 + 18 + 17 + 26): Kramer (5), I. Diop (2), Ennis (31), Slaughter (11) and Shurna (8) -start team-; Stevic (-), K. Diop (10), Salvó (3), J. López (6), Brussino (4) and Del Cerro (-).

82 – Baxi Manresa (24 + 15 + 19 + 24): Moneke (9), Thomasson (18), Valtonen (5), Pérez (4) and Bako (17) -start team- Jou (3), García (-), Maye (7), Martínez (4), Francisco ( ), Berzins (3) and Sima (12).

Referees: Benjamín Jiménez, Francisco Araña and Alfonso Olivares. Without eliminated.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the thirteenth day of the Endesa League played at the Gran Canaria Arena before 3,689 spectators.