Vivolas will start his 8th season at the club. In these 8 seasons he has been both helping as a coach in different categories and ages. Last season he was the coach of the Junior Preferente, who managed to qualify among the 8 best teams in Catalonia, reaching the Final at 6 in the category. Despite the fact that his stage in the entity has been basically in training stage teams, it is not his first senior experience as head coach, since in the 2017/2018 season he was coach of the club’s Senior B, competing in Primera Catalana. In addition, the last two seasons he has been part of the coordination of the GEiEG UniGirona grassroots teams.

Vivolas was also part of the coaching staff of CB Salt’s Senior A Male for 6 seasons. In these, the promotion to the EBA League in the 2013/2014 season stands out. More recently, the new GEiEG coach was part of the LF1 UniGirona coaching staff for three consecutive seasons (2016 to 2019), as assistant coach and team manager. At this stage, the league title won in the 18/19 season and the Eurocup Women semi-finals achieved the same year stand out.