SPAR Gran Canaria has always been characterized by betting on young values ??and therefore in the 2021-2022 campaign it wants to give Blanca Millán the opportunity to debut in the Endesa Women’s League (Santiago de Compostela, 1998). The illusion and the desire to evolve are two of her great arguments for the future because she is an escort-forward who wants to succeed and in this way live professionally from this sport. Her hunger can make her one of the referents of the yellow team on the court, since she stands out for her versatility in attack, which allows her to score from different positions and even play the post. In addition, it is very vertical when looking for the opposite ring.

The Galician, who at the base defended the interests of the Colegio Mayor Peleteiro, has just returned to Spain after living the experience of playing in the WNCAA League in the United States. During the last campaigns, the international for Spain in lower categories, which in 2014 was a key piece to reach the bronze in the European Cadet Championship played in Hungary, has defended the interests of the University of Maine. In Orono, thanks to her good work, she has been designated as one of the five best players in the entire history of the Black Bears. Her award for outstanding performance during her college years has been that the Washington Mystics invited her to speak at their training campus.

After completing her journey in the USA, the Compostela said that: «They have possibly been five of the best years of my young life. I was very lucky on and off the track because from the first moment they treated me very well. They gave me everything I needed to feel comfortable and at home being so far away from her. On the other hand, he argued that: «All the awards and triumphs are a very big reward and it says a lot about the five years that I have been there, but I think the most important thing was what made me grow as a person and the people I met. , which is family for me now ».

This season, after recovering from a knee injury, she has had her best year in numbers in the WNCAA, reaching the top scorers in the country in some stages. His statistics in the regular were at 21.7 points, with a 47.9% accuracy in field goals and a 33.7% in triples with 92 total attempts. In other aspects, it is also worth mentioning his average of 7.4 rebounds, 2.1 assists and 2.9 steals. With this great impact, she has managed to win again the Award for the Player of the Year and the Defender of the Year from the East America Conference, being the first player in the history of the conference to win it on different occasions. During her stay in North America, in addition to showing her quality on the playing court, Blanca has had time to complete her degrees in Kinesiology and Physical Education, Nutrition, and Child Development and Family Relations.

In Maine, the Galician had many minutes and that in her words “was what helped me improve so much. I think I made the right decision in taking the scholarship from this university. There I learned what the work ethic is. You always have to give your best and be consistent. The Americans attach great importance to respecting others and achieving goals for you, but also for the team.

Regarding his experience in the Washington Mystics, he argued that: “It was an intense week of training, in which I knew it was difficult to stay in the team. At the basketball level I competed without problems. The players who have been in the league for years are very developed, they are very strong, very agile and they know what is going on. That was the biggest difference. I have to get stronger if I want to compete in the WNBA.

At the time of signing in Gran Canaria it was clear to him that: «I want to go to a team that helps me continue to improve and in which I can have minutes because the important thing in the first year is to adapt to the competition, which is very different from the college league. Everyone knows that if you work hard, you can progress at SPAR Gran Canaria ”.

Two of the keys that can facilitate their adaptation is that: «The teams look for players who are capable of scoring and defending. In college I did both and that is going to help me a lot. Every day you have to give your best and things will come. I am looking forward to this stage on the island of Gran Canaria ».

José Carlos Ramos, SPAR Gran Canaria coach, is quite satisfied with the incorporation of the Galician player and for this reason he argued that: «Our goal is to help her grow. He is very young and is eager to evolve in his game. She wants to succeed in Spain and make the leap to the WNBA. That is important because she will want to be one of our references ».

In addition, she argued that: “She is quite a scorer and can do it from different parts of the field because she is able to act in different positions if necessary. He is very versatile and is not even afraid to play near the rim. Despite his youth, he has a lot of experience. In attack she is a scorer. In defense she is very hard-working and intense.