Bobby Harris, the latest signing of Melilla Sport Capital, has given an interview to the club’s media to talk about his arrival as Dean. The American is delighted and eager to face this new challenge in his career.

The North American guard assures that signing for Melilla Sport Capital is very important to him: “Personally, it means a lot to me to continue my career in LEB Oro and, of course, also being able to do it in a team like Melilla, which has experienced historical moments in the competition and who wants to keep looking for them ”.

And it is that as he himself admits, it was time to look for a new project in his professional career: “I think it was a time to change, the last few years I have been in Almansa, possibly the best years of my professional career, and I think this is a new step for me and I am excited for the opportunity ”.

Regarding the reasons that led him to choose Melilla to continue in the LEB Oro, Harris highlights the figure of Arturo Álvarez on the Dean’s bench: “I decided on Melilla after my conversation with Arturo. We both have a lot of trust with each other. He is a great coach, he has trained me before, and also with other players who have been there in the past and I only heard good things ”.

Finally, and about what he hopes for this season, Harris points out that he hopes to be able to show that he can be one of the great references in the competition: “After these last four years in Almansa I have learned a lot. They have taught me many things, both technicians and players who have passed, but this season I want to become a top player in LEB Oro. I think I have the talent to achieve it and I just have to get it on the pitch ”.