ANDhe Joventut reached the final of the EncestaRías tournament with a great Vladimir Brodziansky (76-84), who beat a Rio Breogán that was 21 points down and had a reaction that served to tighten the score, but that did not conclude successfully.

Brodziansky scored 25 points (4 of 4 on triples) and finished the game with a PIR of 36 after completing his performance with 5 rebounds, a performance that Breogán, with Bell-Haynes (15 points) and Dzanan Musa (12) intoned, failed to counter on Jordan Sakho’s debut (11 points).

A good start for Joventut and a bad start from Lugo (0-10) began to decide the first semifinal of the EncestaRías tournament.

The Lugo team reacted after giving up the first period by fourteen points (16-30), took the second (23-22) to reach the interval with thirteen points (39-52) and entered the last ten minutes with a lot of life, to seven points (60-67), after cutting another six units in the third quarter.

However, despite having reached three points (66-69) in the absence of just over seven minutes, he could not make the comeback in the final stretch of the crash.

Joventut’s pulse did not tremble and he returned to put the game within reach with a triple from Brodziansky, who if not, (68-75, m.35) to access the final.

Breogán River: Bell-Haynes (15), Kalinoski (11), Dzanan Musa (12), Lukovic (7), Mahalbasic (3) -starting five-, Kacinas (3), Sakho (11), Larsen (-), Erik Quintela ( 7), Iván Cruz (5).

Joventut de Badalona: Pau Ribas (12), Vives (4), Derek Willis (10), Birgander (-), Parra (5) -starting five-, Busquets (3), Brandon Paul (11), Brodziansky (25), Helmanis (3 ), Happy (8), Maronka (3).

Referees: Carlos Cortés, Vicente Bultó, Jorge Martínez. They eliminated Josep Busquets, from Joventut.

Incidents: Semifinals of the EncestaRías tournament, played in Fontecarmoa, in the Pontevedra town of Vilagarcía de Arousa.