The second signing and seventh piece of CAB Estepona for its debut in the Women’s Challenge League already has a name and surname: the 1.88-meter power forward Maja Stamenkovic (Serbia, 30 years old), who will complete her fourth season in national basketball after from going through Araski and Campus Promete in 18/19, continuing in the Riojan team in the following campaign and playing the Women’s League 2 last year with Celta Zorka Recalvi, a club where he was already more than a decade ago, but without arriving to debut.

The player also has experience in leagues in various European countries such as Hungary, Germany, the Czech Republic, France, Poland, Romania or Belgium, having played the Eurocup – the second highest continental competition – in the two seasons prior to her arrival in Spain. His most common position is that of power forward, but his height allows him to help promptly closer to the rim and his speed, good coordination and threat on the outside shot mean that I can play forward if Bea Pacheco so decides.

His numbers with Celta Zorka Recalvi were 11.11 points, 5.77 rebounds and 2.04 assists in 26 minutes of play, figures that already show his importance in the game of the Galician team, although his impact on the court goes far beyond what the cold statistics say.

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Bea Pacheco, coach of the first team, defined Maja Stamenkovic as “a Top player in the category” and wanted to highlight her “experience in Endesa Women’s League and Women’s League 2” in recent seasons. “Last year was one of the most important in the category and we hope that now it will be with us in the Women’s League Challenge. What is clear is that it is to be appreciated that a player of her level bets on us, since she has surely had offers from higher categories. I am sure that hand in hand we will grow together and we will be able to settle in this new competition ”, commented the Madrilenian.

Regarding his way of playing, Pacheco wanted to highlight “his versatility, since he can go to both three and four”, something that, he explained, “will give many possibilities in the game” to CAB Estepona. “She has the ability to add both with her outside shot and at the low post, she also understands the game very well and her presence on the court makes her teammates better. She is very intelligent and has a great understanding of situations, which together with her generosity and versatility make her a great player; I am also sure that it will be very important because it will help young women to grow basketball, ”he said.

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The new power forward for the Estepona team stated that she had accepted CAB Estepona’s proposal “without thinking about it” and believes that the Costa del Sol club’s project “can compete with the best of the Challenge Women’s League” next season. “I really like the basketball that is made in Spain, I’ve been here for several years now and it’s like my home,” said Stamenkovic, who knows what it is to be an important part of a team that plays for promotion, that’s why, since experience, he said: “The most important thing to compete is to have a good group of people in the dressing room, that’s the first thing. From there, with work in each training session and giving everything in each game, and also a bit of luck, we will be able to achieve great things ”.

The Serbian player explained that she can “play in various positions on the court, so I hope to bring that versatility to the team and that the coach may have more options, in addition to my experience and my confidence to play the important minutes”, something that will be positive to face the first season in this new second category of national women’s basketball, of which Stamenkovic also spoke: “I am delighted to be able to play the Women’s Challenge League, since the level is going to be very high and more similar to the Endesa Women’s League . It will be very competitive and I like that the matches are tough and have to be competitive until the last minute to win. You always have to be prepared for the challenges and the pressure that may arise in games, it’s what I like the most. Looking at the rosters of the rest of the teams, everything is going to be more even than last year ”.

Stamenkovic did not want to miss the opportunity to talk about his compatriot Markovic, with whom he will share a dressing room: “One of the reasons for coming to play in Estepona is that she is in the team. Marina has told me very well about the club and it is also very special to be able to be in the same club, since she, in addition to being a great friend, is my wedding godmother ”. Finally, he left a few words for the fans: “I really want to get to Estepona and start playing with them in the stands, I hope we have a lot of support throughout the season, because we are going to make the best basketball possible for those who go. to see us at Pineda ”.

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