ANDl Casademont Zaragoza and Ramón Vilà (24 years and 2.03) have reached an agreement for the Spanish pivot to become the sixth reinforcement of the Aragonese team for the 2021-22 season, as reported by the Zaragoza club.

Ramón Vilà (Barcelona, ??1997) began his first steps near a basket in Sabadell. He would soon reach the FC Barcelona quarry until he reached the subsidiary team that was active in LEB Oro, where he made his debut at the age of 16 during the 2013-14 campaign.

In the following seasons Vilà combined his stays in base categories with appearances with Barça B in LEB Plata. In the 2015-16 campaign, with the team back in the LEB Gold, the interior scored 5.3 points and 3.7 rebounds on average per game.

At the age of 18, the new Casademont Zaragoza player decided to go to the United States for academic reasons to play for the ‘Sun Devils’ at Arizona State University. There he only played half a season with an average of 2.6 points and 2 rebounds per game.

The following season, 2018-19, he joined the Chattanooga (Tennessee) university team, where he played two seasons in the second of which the center averaged 13.3 points and 5.7 rebounds per game.

On his return to Spain at the hands of Levitec Huesca this past season he averaged 14 points, 6.8 rebounds and a PIR of 16.8 in the 27.46 minutes he had during the 21 games he played with the Huesca shirt.

In addition, the pivot has been a regular in the summons of the lower categories of the Spanish team where he has been a teammate of Santiago Yusta and other former red players such as Jonathan Barreiro, Marc Martí and Sergi García.

He made his U-15 debut at the Friendship Tournament and achieved the European gold medal with the U-16 in Ukraine in 2013 and with the U-20 in Finland in 2016.

The Casademont Zaragoza coach, Jaume Ponsarnau, considers that the latest signing of the Aragonese team is “at a time of high growth”.

“He comes from having a very good season at LEB and one of the things we value the most is his spirit: he is a winner who helps all the teams he has been in to win, not only in the game but also in the mentality of the team. work and in the spirit “, has analyzed.

He also explained that the role he will have to play in the “rojillo” team will be to help as much as he can, “evidently in the work of the whole week but also in everything that is necessary within the games with claw, strength, work and great enthusiasm “.

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