Born in the small Tennessee town of Middleton, she got her start in basketball defending the colors of her hometown high school with the SkyHawks. Team that already stood out and has a gap in its history, where it reached the figure of 1,000 points and in a game against HayWood County where it scored 19 points, captured 20 rebounds and placed up to 9 blocks. Her university stage began at UT Mertin, where she would do well to end up being mentioned “OVC Female Athlete of the Year”, an award given by the Ohio Valley Conference.

22.9 points, 7.2 rebounds, 1.8 assists and 1.7 blocks per game would attract the attention of the United States’ first league, the WNBA. On April 15 of this year, Indiana Fever chose her in the WNBA draft in 26th place. Although he did not monopolize much of the covers of the Indiana franchise, he surprised in his debut in the first preseason game, where he reached 16 points to lead the victory against Chicago Sky. Unfortunately he ended up being little protagonist in the minute rotation once the regular league started. Finally, for this reason and after the signing of Bernadett Hatar, it would end up being cut. This year, by the hand of Cadí La Seu, she will make her debut in the Endesa Women’s League.

In her first statements as a Cadí La Seu player, Perry says that she feels “very grateful” to come to play at the club and notes that “it will be fantastic to play in front of the fans this season.” He declares that he is “looking forward to meeting everyone and starting working with the team” for a “brilliant and extraordinary” year ahead. Bernat Canut declares the following about the new addition: “Chelsey Perry is a ‘fake’ center. 1.90 player with great athletic ability. He plays with his back to the basket, but he likes to go out and shoot 3 points a lot, from where he has a special talent. He is improving the game to the basket and as a “rookie” he will have to toughen up and adapt to the level that our league demands. We will help her to feel comfortable, grow and exploit her full potential with us ”.