After the bad news received in the form of the positive for COVID of Alba Torrens and Tamara Abalde, who are asymptomatic and isolated in their room, the Women’s National Team has exercised this afternoon in La Fonteta to continue preparing the EuroBasket that will begin this next Thursday, June 17 in Valencia. An appointment that Spain continues to face with enthusiasm.

The most important thing is that the players are doing well. I have commented on it in private, but I also say it publicly: Alba Torrens and Tamara Abalde have all the FEB staff at their entire disposal. They have all our love, support and help”, He comments Jorge Garbajosa, President of the FEB.

The team is calm and, at the same time, a second bubble is practically prepared with other players to whom we are infinitely grateful for their willingness to be there to be able to enter at any time among the players who will play the championship”Explains Garbajosa.

The President has also expressed his gratitude towards the FIBA and the Italian Federation, once the game scheduled for this Saturday between Spain and Italy had to be postponed: “The communication and collaboration of the International Federation is appreciated, as well as the understanding of the Italian Federation. To those who have bought the tickets for the match between Spain and Italy, please let them know and the amount of the ticket will be”.

At the same time, Garbajosa wanted to send a message of optimism regarding the National Team: “The players, the Coach and the staff are calm and united. We knew that, unfortunately, this could happen. It has happened to us, but this team has shown that it always grows in the face of difficulties and this is one more, but the objective remains the same: compete from day one at the highest level and I am convinced that we are going to do it.”.

Lucas Mondelo: “The objectives remain the same”

For his part, the Coach Lucas Mondelo wanted to send a message of hope and enthusiasm: “Given the seriousness of what happened, I want to send a message of reassurance. The goals remain the same and, now more than ever, we need your support. We are going to have a good championship and in the end we will all celebrate it. This will remain as one more loss on the way to be overcome. A challenge!”.

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