Lucas Mondelo: “We hope to offer a point of joy and happiness in these times”

7/5/2021 – 11:44 AM

The National Coach, Lucas Mondelo, analyzes the list of 17 players shortlisted to play the Women’s Eurobasket in Valencia: “We are lucky to have many versatile players.”


The National Coach Lucas Mondelo has analyzed in a video the list of 17 shortlisted players to dispute the next Valencia Women’s Eurobasket (June 17 to 27). “These are the players who are going to defend the Spain jersey and who are going to try to give you that point of joy with their competitive basketball that you like so much”, Says the technician. “We are lucky to have many versatile players”, He emphasizes.

Mondelo, who has not stepped off the podium since leading the Women’s National Team, wants to highlight the motivation involved in playing a tournament of these characteristics at home: “The city of Valencia is going to support us to death, as happened in Tenerife in the 2018 World Cup”.

From the National Team we hope to do our bit to give you a point of joy and happiness within this complicated moment that we have had to live.”Concludes the Coach.

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