The lottery for the 2011 Queens Cup (Copa de la Reina) will be decided tomorrow Wednesday, December 22nd at 1pm local time in Valencia, Spain. Only four teams will participate in the tournament, unlike the ACB where the top eight teams are included. The teams were decided after the last game of the first half of the season which ended December 18th.

  1. Ciudad Ros Casares
  2. Perfumerías Avenida
  3. Rivas Ecópolis
  4. Mann Filter Zaragoza

The tournament will be held in Valencia, Spain from January 8-9th. We will post the video location to view it live online.

Copa de la Reina (Queens Cup) Schedule

SEMIFINALS (January 8th)

  • 4:00pm (local) Ciudad Ros Casares vs Mann Filter Zaragoza (A)
  • 6:14pm (local) horas: Perfumerías Avenida vs Rivas Ecópolis (B)

FINAL (January 9th)

  • 3:00pm (local) Winner A vs Winner B