ANDhe Higher Sports Council announced that aid for basketball will reach eight million euros “and will arrive, in any case, before the end of the year.” Specifically, these grants will come from 1% of the audiovisual rights generated by football based on the Viana Pacts of April 2020, and will be channeled through the ACB from a next grant call to which they will have to attend the clubs.

The general director of Sports, Albert Soler, explained in the framework of the General Assembly of the ACB held last Thursday, that the criteria for awarding future beneficiaries will be motivated by two criteria: the accumulated losses due to the lack of public and the cost that clubs have had to incur when testing for Covid-19.

Soler also explained that the decision on the final amounts will be adopted taking as a reference the last season in which there was an audience, that is, 2018-2019, “always before the pandemic.”

The basketball grants will be the first of a state public nature for the sports field, but they will not be the last. “We said that sport is going to be one of the 10 levers on which the economic recovery would be supported and that public support is going to be more decisive than ever,” said the president of the CSD, José Manuel Franco. “We are going to fulfill our commitment to try to help the sector due to the losses generated by this terrible pandemic that has hit us since March of last year,” he concluded.

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