ANDl Barça concluded this Saturday the regular phase of the Endesa League with a clear victory away from him Lenovo Tenerife (72-96) in a match that dominated the Catalan team from the beginning of the clash, although it was not until the last quarter when he took clear differences on the scoreboard.

A “playoff game” between the second classified and the third place in the regular phase, a clash in which there was nothing at stake, but how could Lenovo respond to a rival of the quality of the Barça team.

Lenovo Tenerife did not do badly, it had its good phases in the game, but it lacked continuity, a necessary aspect to be able to beat Barça, one of the best European teams. To do this, you have to be good for forty minutes of the game.

Good start of Barça, who managed to go to a 1-10, mainly due to the interior success of Davis and with very successful Calathes.

The entrance of Fitipaldo by Huertas and Fran Guerra by Gio Shermadini It gave another air to the team of Txus Vidorreta, who had more freshness in attack and managed to chain a series of baskets beating an intense defense of Barcelona.

That “change” in the island team led them to the Catalan team, not leaving with a greater difference on the scoreboard, but managed to reach the first break with only three points down (17-20).

In the second quarter and the battles were more even. Barça based its strategy on a good defense and looking for its strength within the zone, but Lenovo Tenerife, although they had some minutes with a lack of defensive balance, knew how to stay intense and continue within the game.

On this occasion, he highlighted the contribution of Marcelinho Huertas, who not only directed his teammates perfectly, but also scored important baskets.

After the break, Txus Vidorreta put a very defensive team on the court with the clear intention of stopping the good Catalan attack. They were good minutes for the island team that managed to lower the seven-point difference that reached the break (30-37) and get just one point (40-41) in the 23rd minute.

Fran Guerra was doing damage within the area and was, without a doubt, one of the keys to this local reaction, but soon the visiting team would put things in their place and with successful attacks from Kuric and Davis, the differences began to be important.

Lenovo Tenerife was unable to react and little by little Barça increased the differences on the scoreboard until reaching that 72-96.

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