Paco Olmos leaves the bench of the Breogán River, ranked seventh in the Endesa League with serious options to dispute the Copa del Rey, for that of Hereda San Pablo Burgos, penultimate, in which he will be the fourth coach in a year. A decision that has surprised Spanish basketball, which of course did not like anything in Lugo and that is based above all on the economic aspect, since in his new destination will have a much higher salary than in the previous one.

In the Breogán, they cry out against the escape of the one who until now was their technician. “The Breogán River is hurt, how can it not be hurt. We are very hurt. If I tell you what I think… But we cannot go against the law. Our legal service said that this was legal, another thing is ethics. There, everyone responds,” he assured at a press conference Tito Díaz, general director of the Lugo club, who could not believe what happened: “When a team is doing poorly, they change coaches, but when things are going well…”.

The reason for Olmos’ departure is seen from the Breogán only from economic reasons. “Coach He has informed us that the offer is dazzling and that he will be among the three or four best paid in the Endesa League. And that the figure exceeds three, four, five or six times what he was going to charge in Lugo. So the Breogán River cannot do that. We can’t pay for what we don’t have. barbarities”Diaz explains, also annoyed with Burgos: “We haven’t talked to them and they haven’t addressed us at all and we don’t know more than what we’re saying. Paco spoke with Burgos a month ago and told us that he was a coach for finishing the projects he started. That has changed, but why you will have to ask him.”

Olmos’s explanations

Olmos, meanwhile, explained his reasons through a letter dedicated to the Breogán fans. “This is a profession and my environment and I believe that it is time to change. I do not expect you to understand me, that is complicated and I am not in a position to demand anything of you, but at least I hope that you do not reach, even minimally, understand. But I am a professional and I owe it to my work. I must look for my professional career and what is best for my family in the long term,” he argues.

The technician, who returned to the ACB in the summer after spending eight years between Puerto Rico and Mexico, states that “there have been five incredible months. Probably the best of my life as a coach because everything has aligned so that the project is, and I am sure that it will continue to be, fantastic. I have spent some very complicated days thinking about the change. Even now that the decision is firm, I’m still thinking about everything I’m going to leave in Lugo, which is a lot”.

Finally, Olmos believes “to have helped Lugo’s project in the ACB to continue next season. The wickers that the club put up this past summer are excellent and I am convinced that the entity will achieve the desired permanence and that Lugo will deserve, because he has earned it through love and work, to continue in the highest category of Spanish basketball. And he says goodbye: “I will always carry you in my heart! Infinite thanks to all!”.