ANDhe Herbalife Gran Canaria maintains its play-off options, after beating a Hereda San Pablo Burgos (83-74) this Sunday parked in the noble zone but anchored in the last month with a balance of two victories in the last seven games.

The American with a Polish passport AJ Slaughter, with 18 points, and the Madrid Javier Beirán, with another 13, in addition to 6 assists and 20 evaluation credits, were the most outstanding in the Claretian ship, deactivating the versatility of the visitors Jasiel Rivero ( 15 points and a PIR of 21) and Dejan Kravic -14 points and 5 rebounds-.

The Burgos team began by postulating in the vanguard, beating the island team in the first quarter with a 13-18 cemented on the points of Benite and Kravic, who managed to unbalance the balance in a few initial measures more than even.

Already in the second period, Beirán’s recital arrived -11 points in this quarter- and Slaughter -other 8- from the perimeter, eroding the visiting trench with a devastating 29-14 partial that allowed Porfi Fisac’s pupils to reach the break with a 10-point cushion (42-32).

In the resumption, Joan Peñarroya’s men tightened the nuts, with Renfroe and McFadden peeking with a little more fluidity in the yellow trench, although the success in the painting of Diop and Costello minimized the injuries on the local side (17-19 ), allowing Herbalife to face the last round at the Gran Canaria Arena (59-51) with a significant income in favor.

In any case, the islanders were diminished by their elimination due to two technical fouls by their strategist Porfirio Fisac, which led his assistant, Víctor García Guadarrama, to take the reins in a last quarter in which the visitors did not think to give anything away .

With Rivero and Kravic’s points, Burgos continued to fear a Claretian team that saw the advantage diminish to an eloquent 65-60, despite the attacks from Costello and Shurna. With four minutes to go, Beirán and Slaugther returned to give oxygen to the insular (76-64), while Benite and McFadden tried to discount from the perimeter but without much luck (79-69).

A foul in attack by Renfroe combined with a later technique, led the North American to leave the floor, following the path of Fisac, leaving the victory on a plate to a Herbalife that ended up temporizing with its exteriors, placing itself with a balance of 14-17, to a win from the play-off zone.

Data sheet:

83. Herbalife Gran Canaria (13 + 29 + 17 + 24): Albicy (-), Slaughter (18), Costello (15), Balcerowski (12) and Okoye (-) -starting team-; Shurna (12), Beirán (13), Kilpatrick (7), Montero (-), Diop (6) and Stevic (-).

74. San Pablo Burgos inherits (18 + 14 + 19 + 23): McFadden (13), Rivero (15), Cook (5), Kravic (14) and Rabaseda (-) -initial quintet-; Salash (-), Benite (12), Barrera (3), Salvo (-), Sakho (3), Horton (-) and Renfroe (9).

Referees: Jordi Aliaga, Rafael Serrano and Roberto Lucas. They eliminated local coach Porfirio Fisac ??and visiting player Alex Renfroe with a double technique.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the thirty-third day of the Endesa League played at the Gran Canaria Arena.

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