If just a year ago it became the first incorporation of a squad that would be totally new, Anna Palma is once again with its renewal the first piece of the squad that Pepe Vázquez will lead for the 2021-2022 season, his fourth campaign at the helm of Embutidos Pajariel Bembibre and the tenth of the entity in the Endesa Women’s League. The 185-centimeter tall forward will have her second experience in the town of Boeza after a more than remarkable first year and in which the Catalan was gaining prominence until she was one of the most important players in the rotation.

In fact, the coach of the Bembibrense team, Pepe Vázquez, acknowledges that “I am very happy that Anna can continue with us because she is an important player and I trust her. It has grown throughout the season “, highlights the Galician coach, who considers that” he has done very well considering that it is his first season with so many minutes. She is an important player because she is a national player, with a projection and has felt identified with the club ”, highlights the coach of the Berciano team, who reiterates the idea that“ it is important to maintain a block ”.

For his part, Palma affirms that “I am very happy. I had in mind to continue one more year at Bembibre because I have been very good, “says the Catalan player, who adds that” this first season has exceeded expectations. I have met people with whom I have enjoyed ”, explains the Lleida woman, who adds that“ people are very close and congratulate you if you play a good game. It is appreciated that this is the case and makes the stay so easy ”, argues the Uruguayan forward, who believes that“ sports have gone well, but also extra sports. I came with the idea of ??playing and feeling good ”, recalls the player, who considers that“ I have taken a step forward and Pepe [Vázquez] It has given me the confidence to do it ”.

Pepe Vázquez: “I appreciate that you have linked your renewal to my continuity”

Despite her youth – she turned 21 years old last week – the player born in the town of La Seu d’Urgell, who has accumulated more than 60 games in the Endesa Women’s League, will try to continue gaining prominence and maintain her evolution after two seasons in which he hardly had opportunities in his hometown team. Last year, in fact, he averaged more than 19 minutes with an average of almost 4 points per game.

His performances against Lointek Gernika Bizkaia and Durán Maquinaria Ensino stood out, two games in which his team achieved two fundamental triumphs in the fight for permanence.

Facing the new season, Vázquez believes that “it should be his confirmation, to reaffirm the work of the previous one and continue taking steps. The more confidence he acquires, the more he will grow ”, underlines the Compostela coach, aware that“ that is why he has evolved. I am grateful that he has linked his renewal to my continuity “, admits the coach of Santiago de Compostela, satisfied because” this speaks of the fact that he has been happy with the trust he has received, with the minutes he has had and with the work that has been done with her trying to get him to improve with each workout. Its continuity is important so that the signings understand what the team is, what the club means, what the coaching staff will demand of them and what the fans will ask of them ”, he emphasizes.

Anna Palma: “I have gone from less to more, growing as a player”

In this sense, Palma recalls that “he had been playing little for two years. I am young and I was uncertain about what could happen ”, admits the forward, who adds that“ at the beginning I was more self-conscious. With the confidence I have received, I have been able to show the things that characterize me ”, emphasizes the Catalan exterior, happy because“ Bembibre has managed to show me things that have not been seen for a long time. I have gone from less to more, growing as a player with work ”, points out the player from the Bercian team, who thinks that“ I have contributed things that are not seen so much. I have grown in each game ”, he certifies.

Sportively trained in Segle XXI, Palma was champion of Spain in training categories with the Catalan and international team in grassroots categories. Apart from hanging the bronze medal in the 2019 U19 World Cup in Thailand with a team in which the runner-up of the United States University League (NCAA) Helena Pueyo also participated, the Lleida foreign participated in 2015 in the U16 European Championship held in Portugal with a team that included, among others, Alba Prieto, Natalia Rodríguez and Aina Ayuso, recently drafted by the WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks.