FC Barcelona started the game strong, however Unicaja playing at home, played and shot a lot better. On the defensive end, Unicaja was strong until the second half where they let Barcelona get many offensive rebounds and not covering the 3point shooting of Basile. FC Barca will await to see their rival for the Final of the ACB 2010 Playoffs.

Caja Labarol seems to be the favorite over Madrid up 2-o in the series. The next game will be played tomorrow night, local Madrid time 8:30pm.

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Box Score

72 – Unicaja (21+19+19+13): Cook (5), Blanco (6), Neal (18), Printezis (7), Archibald (6)-Starters- Welsch (0), Rodríguez (14), Jiménez (2), Rubio (0) y Freeland (10).

82 – Regal FC Barcelona (20+15+22+25): Ricky Rubio (5), Navarro (14), Mickeal (16), Lorbek (16), NŽDong (2)- Starters- Lakovic (0), Vázquez (6), Sada (2), Basile (20), Morris (1) y Grimau (0).