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FC Barcelona Blows Out Real Madrid in Copa Del Rey Final


FC Barca 80-61 Real Madrid

Real Madrid had no chances of stopping FC Barcelona tonight in the Copa del Rey Final. They had absolutely no answers how to defend or stop Barca. Barcelona made it a full team effort, well without too much effort in the 19 point win over Madrid which is the Kings Cup final record in points spread. MVP of the final was Catalan Fran Vázquez . He scored 14 points and 15 valoration.

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2 Responses to FC Barcelona Blows Out Real Madrid in Copa Del Rey Final

  1. Jordi says:

    You say nothing about how the people loves the spanish king…

    We catalan and basque people are really tired of the m.f.spaniards. Let’s democracy speak with absolute freedom and … bye bye Spain.

  2. admin says:

    That’s true.. But its not my place to get into basketball and politics. The two don’t mix well in sports although in the past it has always been an issues. As with the Olympics current and past.. Anyway thats for expressing your opinion!

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