Juan Carlos Navarro is the King of all during his best year as a professional basketball player in 2011. The accolades keep coming in as Navarro lead FC Barcelona to its 3rd consecutive ACB Super Copa.

FC Barcelona had a difficult game during the first three quarters but the come back from the 4th quarter made the victory sweeter than ever. With Navarro leading the pack with shooting and big  passes to the post, Barca was able to lift the crown for the 3rd year in a row.

Box Score

CAJA LABORAL: Heurtel (8), Oleson (5), San Emeterio (4), Teletovic (15), Seraphine (9), Ribas (8), Prigioni (14), Milko Bjelica (2), Reggie Williams (6), Dorsey (-), Nemanja Bjelica (2).

FC BARCELONA REGAL: Huertas (11), Navarro (24), Mickeal (-), Lorbek (12), N’Dong (12) , Fran Vázquez (2) Sada (5), Wallace (5), Ingles (2), Eidson (9)