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Caja Laboral Force Game 4 Against CSKA Moscow

The series was almost made by CSKA Moscow until Caja Laboral forced a game four by winning decisively with tough defense. The 13 point win (66-53) was enough to show that the Euroleague Final Four is still wide open. Tiago...




Basketball Terms Spanish to English

Basketball – Baloncesto

Pass – Paso

Shot – Tiro

Foul – Falta

Free Throws – Tiros Libres

Zone – Zona

Dribble – Bota

Rebound – Rebote

Turnovers – Balones Perdido

Dunk – Mate

Wing Guard/Guard – Alero

Point Guard  – Base

Center – Pivot

More coming soon!



With the marks of top Spanish National teams and figures such as Rafael Nadal who just won the Wimbledon after a 44 year drought for Spanish Players and the Spanish Soccer team who also won the Euro2008 after not winning in the 40s. The national teams for Spain both women and men are hoping to follow in those footsteps in Pekin during the Olympic Summer Basketball Games!