Cas a continuation of the round of presentations of the new signings of the Baskonia for the 2021-2022 season, Simone Fontecchio and Vanja Marinkovic attended at noon today to the press room of the Buesa Arena to answer journalists’ questions. And both were very forceful and aligned on what their priorities were in this new stage; the defense.

Thus, when asked what he expected to contribute to the team, Fontecchio replied that “I will bring my intensity. Although I think I can improve still, and I want to do it, my desire is to contribute above all intensity in defense. I will do what the team needs, in attack or defense; bouncing, pressing back, etc. We are going to have many solutions in attack, and I know that it will not be easy to have shots for all the players, but in my case what I’m thinking about is defense as a priority, and in attack, what the team needs “.

In the same vein it was expressed Vanja marinkovic, who also acknowledged not having had the desired role or having “enjoyed basketball as expected“in his previous stage in Valencia Basket.”Defense comes first. If we play a good defense, the attack will come. It doesn’t matter how or when, but it will come. My shots, Simone’s, will come. Defense is first, then everything else, “he said.


Both players will have their first experience under the command of Dusko Ivanovic, with whom they spoke and about whom they asked for references before arriving in Vitoria. Marinkovic he was eager and excited about this aspect: “I have been talking to many players who have been training with Dusko, and I know what to expect from him, in training and in games, so I’m very happy and looking forward to working for him. “

For its part, Fontecchio revealed that one of the talking points, prior to his incorporation, was his compatibility with Rokas Giedraitis: “We discussed this with Dusko before we came. It is true that Rokas and I are similar players, but I think we are going to blend in very well on the track and that it will work out well. ”

The Italian also acknowledged that he relied on Achille polonara, teammate in the Italian national team, to make the decision to sign for Baskonia: “It has always been my dream to play in the ACB, and to be able to do it with a big club, historical, as is the Baskonia fills me with pride. I have spent many days with Achille this summer and He only told me good things about BaskoniaSo making the decision was very easy. ”

Regarding the expectations that his signing has aroused, Fontecchio was ambitious: “I understand that I will have more responsibility this year, but that is not a problem“.

“It’s what I was looking for and that’s why I wanted to come here, to improve, be a better player, and take on more responsibilities. I think we have a very physical team, very talented with the possibility of being aggressive in all matches. I’ve only been a week but the impressions are good, “he concluded.