TOntonio Jesús López Nieto is the new president of Unicaja Baloncesto. The news advanced by Radio MARCA Málaga on July 21 is now a reality. The former international referee takes over the presidency after the brief passage of Sergio Corral, substitute for Eduardo García. In this way, Unicaja finds some stability after the last typesetter president presented his resignation last March. After the celebration of the Los Guindos club board of directors, the decision already planned has been taken without problems and the election of López Nieto has had the unanimous vote of those present. Only Juan Jose Navarro, former vice president of the club, has resigned before the council without stating a specific reason.

Mr. López Nieto, a 63-year-old from Malaga, has extensive experience of more than 30 years linked to professional sports. International professional football referee, likewise, he has been responsible for the technical and economic management of professional football refereeing for more than 16 years. Likewise, until last June he has performed the functions of Representative of the Professional Football League in the Arbitration Committee of the Professional Competition, since he has left to take over the presidency of the composer.

In the field of sports public management, he has held the positions of Sports Coordinator of the Malaga City Council, Manager of Malaga Deportes y Eventos, SA and General Director of Sports of the Malaga Provincial Council. He has been recognized with the Silver Medal of the Royal Order of Sports Merit for his career as a sports manager. On the other hand, Mr. López Nieto has been Director General of the Office of Attention to the Mayor’s Offices of the Malaga Provincial Council and Head of the Office of the Presidency of the Malaga Provincial Council. Currently, he is a patron of the Unicaja Banking Foundation.

With his arrival, there will also be movements in the sports management of the club. Manolo Rubia will leave Carpena at the end of the month. His replacement will also arrive with López Nieto. Juanma Rodríguez will be in charge of acting as the new president’s right hand and managing the transfer plot. Unicaja still has a couple of operations to close this summer. The harmony between them is maximum. The man from Malaga has been at Real Betis for three years and also worked with López Nieto in the Provincial Council.