The vagaries of history have wanted the new women’s coach to wear the same surname as the one who first held the position, in 1963. Miguel Méndez, who debuted yesterday Thursday in Szekszard with victory over Hungary in the first match of the qualifying phase for Eurobasket 2013, has become the 13th coach in the history of the National Team.

Of the thirteen, only one woman, Maria Planas, recently elected as a member of the Spanish Basketball Hall of Fame in her first Class, at whose entrance ceremony, held in Seville, she received the warmest ovation, with all those present standing. At the time, before being relieved by Chema Buceta, María Planas was the coach with the most matches at the head of the National Team (54).

Except in the early years, in which Spain barely played games (8 between 1963 and 1971), the position of women’s coach has generally enjoyed stability. The coach who has directed the most matches to Spain is since 1992 Chema Buceta, current Great Britain coach: he led the National Team in 174 matches, including official and friendly matches, and was the coach who led the team in its Olympic debut. already 29 years in Barcelona.

To your substitute, Manolo Coloma, He had the honor of being the first to lead Spain to its first gold medal, in the 1993 Eurobasket, a team that is also already part of the Hall of Fame cast.

The challenge of Miguel Mendez, the coach No. 13, has raised it himself: “I am going to try to build a National Team that can give us another successful cycle. At the same time that we are giving the opportunity to young players, we do not want to lose competitiveness; but to keep fighting for the maximum and to be as high as possible. We want to be in the big events and meet expectations “. Starting with a win in a big game, like Thursday’s in Hungary, is the best possible first step.


(in parentheses, led parties)
1963-1969 Jose Luis Cholo Méndez (2)
1970-1971 Josep Lluís Cortés (6)
1974-1979 Josep María Solà (53)
1979-1984 Maria Planas (54)
1985-1992 Chema Buceta (174)
1993-1998 Manolo Coloma (93)
1999-2004 Vicente Rodríguez (79)
2005-2006 Domingo Díaz (33)
2007-2009 Evaristo Pérez (53)
2010-2011 José Ignacio Hernández (33)
2015 Victor Lapeña (2)
2012-2021 Lucas Mondelo (152)
2021-11-12 Miguel Mendez