Garbajosa: “The FC Barcelona runner-up completes an incredible year for our club basketball in Europe”

5/30/2021 – 10:56 PM

The President of the Spanish Basketball Federation has wanted to send an affectionate message to FC Barcelona after the dispute of the Euroleague Final where the Catalan team has achieved the European runner-up thus completing a great season for Spanish teams in different European competitions.

Jorge Garbajosa: “The runner-up of FC Barcelona in the Euroleague Final Four complements an incredible year for our club basketball in Europe, with the victories of Hereda San Pablo Burgos in the Basketball Champions League and Valencia Basket in the Eurocup Women. team with many Spanish internationals, I hope that this exceptional competitive moment will be reflected in the summer of the National Team that kicks off in a few weeks. Congratulations to Barcelona, ??its managers, players and technicians for having fought for the top of the European podium. They have fought with honesty and pride, and I am sure that the success that today has resisted him will not take long to reach his windows “.

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